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Kia has a winner with the Niro

Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:47 pm


Even if we are looking to get the most expensive model the Niro is still coming in under $30,000 USD For all the standard safety features, up to 7 exterior colours to choose from and the 1.6L engine providing lots of "get up and go" this is hybrid for many. As our population ages and those seniors are staying more active the Niro is the perfect compact SUV. Big enough for two to sleep in for those camping weekends and small enough to park easily. The electric range allows for great mileage and lots of cross over uses for many. The price tag also is doable for the young professionals or young families. Kia has a winner here

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Re: Kia has a winner with the Niro

Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:35 am

It's a nice looking vehicle!

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