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My new Niro EV is my 3rd EV

Some of you may recognize my username from the myimiev.com and mynissanleaf.com boards. Well, this week I made the jump to a Niro EV. (Damn these things are hard to come by!)

As I get some more miles under my belt, I'll give a good comparison review between the three EVs I've owned. Stay tuned!

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Re: My new Niro EV is my 3rd EV

My thoughts of the Niro EV so far:
  • My former EVs, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Nissan LEAF just don't compare to the driving experience in the Niro EV. I do prefer the rear-wheel drive of the i-MiEV, but don't miss the 67 horsepower motor or 16kWh battery.
  • The Niro is about as quiet as the LEAF inside at highway speeds. The reduction gear seems quieter in the Niro, though.
  • Handling with the Niro is on-par with the LEAF after I replaced the LEAF's stock garbage wheels and tires. The stock Niro wheels and tires are great. Apparently the Tesla Model 3 uses the same tires.
  • Crosswind stability seems a little better than the LEAF and light years better than the i-MiEV. Living in windy Texas, this means a lot to me.
  • The range of the LEAF was understated by quite a bit. The range of the Niro was understated a LOT! I charge the Niro to 80% all the time and still see 230-240 miles of range. I charged it when new to 97% and saw 277 miles of range on the GOM.
  • Rear seat room is on par with the LEAF; rear storage is better due to the regular square-back shape of the Niro.
  • The seats, when adjusted properly, are more comfortable than the LEAF's. This is comparing the base model LEAF to the base model Niro EV.
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Re: My new Niro EV is my 3rd EV

Aaron, thanks for sharing your experiences! Glad to hear that the range seems to be underestimated.

How accurate do you find the GOM?

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