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EV Charging, The Next Generation (#Electrifying Webinar)

Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:35 pm ... 578691103/ ... g-webinar/

In this edition of our #Electrifying webinar series (which is free, as always), I’m talking with Peter Badik, co-founder and managing director of Central & Eastern European EV charging leader GreenWay.

GreenWay is also co-organizer of our upcoming “West Meets East: Charging Central & Eastern Europe’s Electromobility Revolution” conference in Warsaw, Poland. That is part of our Cleantech Revolution Tour conference series, but will also produce a white paper on EV charging guidelines created by a diverse working group of EV charging leaders that we’ve convened from across Europe.

In this webinar, we will chat about:

◊ Current status and evolution of EV superfast charging hardware.
◊ Automaker hints regarding cars that can use superfast charging.
◊ Challenges of installing/offering superfast charging.
◊ Expected future mix of different charging options/rates.

This is a very long webinar for this type of venue - just under 1 hour but it does go through pertinent information that I am sure lots of you like myself are interested in

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EV Charging The Next Generation #Electrifying Webinar

Tue May 12, 2020 1:19 pm

Good luck getting 350.

Anyone can buy a 120V/240V both, 16 amp charging cable for about 200, which will charge faster than the one shipped with the Bolt.

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