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High Voltage Drive System Issue

I went out to start car to take my wife to her Eye Doctor. The dash came up, but no response from drive controls or other controls. There was/is a Yellow Triangle on the Dash Display, that would not go out. I thing it said: “Drive System”.
There was also a message saying something like: “ Check Dive system”, on the 10 inch Screen.
The 12 Volt battery measured/indicated 12.47Volts with a Fluke 88V Auto Meter. Radio would play, doors would lock & unlock, etc.
Then system would not shut down. After a few tries, the system finally shut off.
My wife explained to dealer, that the Kia EV was/is our only vehicle. and it only had 707 miles on it, as she was very upset about missing her eye appointment!
Kia Dealer sent a recovery truck. Driver said this happens to Tesla and others also.; and I told him not this. He tried a booster, to no avail. We did finally get it to go into “N” to push up to Truck's flatbed.
Dealer has only sold a few Niro EV's, and ours was the second. The Service advisor, acknowledged basically, that this was an unknown issue, but could not tell, until it was taken in for diagnosis.
It has been around 110to 116 Deg Fahrenheit here in Phoenix, AZ. Maybe heat issue with battery pack, or System Computer.
I was a trouble shooter for Ford in Indiana, back in the 70's and later Service Advisor, and then Service Director for Chrysler dealership, and then Service Director for BMW in the late 90's, in Arizona. So I am not completely out of touch with automotive electronic diagnoses.

Anyone else have this type of issue:?:

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