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First experiences with Niro (good, bad & ideas)

Just got my Niro and after riding it for a few days, here are some ideas/comments. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the car so far.

Easy fixes on the software side, which I really hope KIA could fix. (Does anybody know if car companies actually fix this kind of stuff for existing cars and only for new models etc?)

1. There should be the ability to turn off the welcome jingle (and maybe choose from a few alterantives or even better, upload your own from USB-stick)
2. There should be the ability to adjust the welcome light timing
3. Current consumption should be displayed in numerical format instead of the horizontal bar which is quite useless and visually inaccurate
4. The A & B trip information screens should also display the average consumption (this is a real no-brainer)
5. After turning the engine off, the display shows the information for that trip for only maybe 2 seconds and there is no way to recall that screen. Really annoying.
6. The stereo keeps playing after I turn the engine off. There should be a possibility to set it to turn off at the same time as the engine.
7. There is no information about the elapsed time for the current trip (after turning the engine on) and it's not shown even on the trip summary screen that is quickly shown after turning the engine off. I can't understand how something so basic has slipped through the design process. The screen shows trip distance and average consumption, how on earth does it not have the time?

Some other product development ideas:

* The trunk should be fully felted. It's ridiculous to have hard plastics where they are just waiting to get all scratched. Also they will create lots of noise when stuff is moving around.
* The rear seats should be able to slide forward to get a bit more cargo space when extra legroom is not needed. It's a very common feature in similar cars and especially in Niro, it would make it so much more versatile.
* The trunk organizer under the top floor is not very efficiently designed. I've been planning on getting rid of the styrofoam organizer and the styrofoam tire kit holder altogether and make a better storage space from plywood & felt.
* I find it a bit odd that the basic trim (LX here) features the Lane Assist but the side mirrors are not electronically foldable or even heated and they don't have blinkers on them.

Other gripes:

* The tailgate opening switch/handle is located very very badly. If the car is dirty, your fingers will get dirty as the gap is very low/narrow. But the worst thing is when you get snow & ice. I haven't experienced it yet (winter is coming) but I can guarantee it is going to be a problem as the recess in the bumper is going to be so full of snow&ice that it will be impossible to operate the tailgate.

But on the bright side:

* The sitting height is just perfect. Higher than a normal car but lower than an SUV. Perfect for everybody (adults, kids).
* The heated steering wheel is amazingly nice. A perfect example of a feature you don't really understand until you have it.
* Very quiet ride. It's honestly equally quiet as my brother's 2014 Audi Q5. I almost couldn't believe it.
* The Snow White Pearl color is just amazingly beautiful in sunlight. Easily the most impressive white color I've seen on any car.
* The interior ergonomics & design is very good. I find it very intuitive to read the gauges & find all the switches and there's plenty of small storage room.
* The interior finish quality is very good also. No rattles anywhere. The leather materials are smooth. The hard plastics especially on the doors & trunk are a bit of a letdown, but you can't have everything.
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Re: First experiences with Niro (good, bad & ideas)

Number five of your gripes would drive me insane I have to agree with you that is too annoying to only have that screen be accessible for 2 seconds and that's it I find it surprising that the back seats there is no adjustment to move them forward for extra space Maybe are you always supposed to just fold the seats down but that seems odd not to have the option to just slide the seats a bit more forward. I'm glad you also have a list that you like about the car and hopefully the software will work out I had a car it was a Mazda that did the same thing with the radio there was a programming that I got done at the dealership for a cost mind you but they did set up my technology better than what I was able to

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