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my edmunds review 19 kia niro plug in hybrid

I have had my car for about 6 weeks now, over 2500 miles. I have the premium top of the line version EX. It says top range to pay for this car is $25k but most dealers are asking over $37,000 and have very few in stock and sell immediately so they have the advantage and don't bargain. (but am in communist green obcessed California. I paid $1700 for a 10 year 150000 extended warranty and $800 for tire, wheel, dent protection when I bought the two together so bargain with them. I have dealt with local socal district office who was extremely helpful!!! Good back up camera. Turns music down while you are backing up. You can fold mirrors in and will auto fold them in when you lock doors & go out when you approach car. Overall I am very happy. I think it is important to know that I went from a Lexus CT200h hybrid sporty hatchback I had for 4 years. In general I like the way it drives, not a sports car but not an SUV. Doesn't handle bad but not great on turns like going on and off freeway ramps. It is smaller than I thought or it looks in pictures and fits nicely in my garage. It rides smooth and the car is pretty well sealed having a nice quiet inside. Comes with really good tires, I drove 75 in pouring rain. More roomy inside than you would think. Tall people will have no issue. Passenger seat has no power controls. Has lots of features within reach. You can customize your screen to put the things you want. you can check mileage and battery level easily. The instrument panel has an advanced display or you can go to a more simple one, which I chose because I couldn't figure out how much gas was in the tank. Back seats fold down for tons of room!!! it has HEATED steering wheel and seats with three heat levels and cooling seats, haven't tried those out yet. Has fogs lights for added lighting low to the ground if needed. GAS mileage for me is averaging about 65 but a lot of my trips are local so I am on electric charge a lot. You only get 26 miles on a charge. On a trickle charge it takes 6 hours, on a 240 charges in about 2 1/2 hours. It will use EV automatically. You can set the charging on a timer so I set mine to charge between midnight and 6. If you want to charge now, you have to go into the touch screen, select phev, and tell it to CHARGE if you were at a charger out in public. downside is, you can't getthe charger out of car if it isn't fully charged, you have to go back in the car, reset the charging setting to CHARGE ON SCHEDULE to extract the charger from your car. There is a button to switch to hybrid while driving. I do that when I am going up hills in Souther Cali. It is a DOG on hills, you have to take it out of electric. A nice feature is manual shifting for really big hills and going down steep hills. When you drive with no electric you can expect about 45 miles an hour, less if heavy person loan in your car. PLUS; takes 87 octane. If you want to switch to a 240 volt charger to fit a plug in your garage, you can do that for about $200. Nice features are touch screen, you can customize your screen, you can customize all the safety features like side and front safety notifications, beeping when you go outside the lines, etc. All that stuff is easily changed through instrument panel and steering wheel controls. Like I had mine changed so that when you unlock your driver door, it unlocks all doors instead of having to press twice. Strangely, if you open your trunk, it does not unlock your car. There is no auto up and down hatch which I was surprised. The other thing I was shocked it did not have was any link to garage door opener. cruise control has a feature you can't turn off where it detects cars in front of you and slows the car down accordingly. You can adjust the distance it monitors but is very frustrating on long trips, I just end up turning it off so I can control how much distance I want between my car and car infront of me Nice feature is when you turn signal on, it will beep if someone is in your blind spot. The worst feature of the car is the android app. It takes over your phone and does not interface well. I don't even use it. My husband plugged in his apple and it worked great. There are two usb ports one in front and one in center console. I use the one in center console between seats because when you hook your cord up to the one in the front center console, it will automatically try to engage android app so I use that one to play my usb. The problem is your phone will ask you to start android play so you do on your screen then everytime to try to switch into a different app, the screen goes dark, asks me to swipe to start android app, then if I go to another app on my phone ,your screen does not pop up on vehicle screen, only a couple apps will but it is supposed mirror your phone. I have not used the navigation much, I use my phone.
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Re: my edmunds review 19 kia niro plug in hybrid

Cindy - thanks for your detailed review of the Niro PHEV!

So you are getting around 26 miles per charge? Is this in-city driving, lots of stop and go, or at speed?

Thanks :)

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